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Text document Indicates a Text.

PDF Provides detailed text information which can be saved to a storage medium. It can be displayed with the Acrobat Reader.

Bookmark Sets a reference in the "Favorites" section of your browser. Leads you directly to the marked page.

E-Mail Opens the e-mail program with the appropriate address..

Send web page via E-Mail Sends the current page to the address of your choice.

Business card Contains the most important address information for the respective contact person.

Print version Prints out the current page on your printer.

Search Enables you to search for a specific term on the current page.

Download Saves a text or an item to your storage medium.

Sound document Opens a sound file.

Home Returns you to the homepage.

Sitemap Provides you with an overview of the entire structure. Enables you to search directly for a particular page.

Top Takes you to the start of the current page.

Information Indicates additional information.

Please note! Indicator Indicates particularly important company information.

Question Indicates a question.

Down Provides a link to further information.

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